37820PAAL76 | 2000-2002 Honda Accord 2.3L 2DR A/T Replacement Engine Computer

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This listing is for a quality remanufactured OEM computer module with warranty. The module will be programmed to your exact VIN, mileage, and the latest software updates and calibrations available from the manufacturer.

There will be no need for any additional programming or expensive trip to the dealer.

Our professional technicians take care of everything before the module ships out. When you receive the module, it will be fully programmed and tested. All you have to do is plug it in and run the vehicle. We will use the information that you provide on the form to prepare and program the correct computer module for your vehicle, if you are unsure of any information please write ????? in the field and one of our professional associates will call or e-mail you as soon as possible. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us by phone or email. 


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  • Quality Remanufactured OEM computer module with warranty.
  • Programmed with the latest software updates and calibrations.
  • Unit comes ready to plug and play in your vehicle.
  • Machine tested for correct programming and operation in simulated running conditions using controlled hot and cold temperature variations along with vibration.
  • Backed by industry leading warranty protection and customer support. 

How It Works:

  1. You provide your vehicle information and pay for your order.
  2. We process and ship the correct computer module for your vehicle within 2-3 business days. (special order items require longer processing time)
  3. Install your new remanufactured computer as instructed by the vehicle service manual.
  4. If your old computer core is in rebuildable condition, ship it back to us  for the core deposit refund within 10 business days in the same box with the included pre-made shipping label.
  5. Your computer core will be inspected  when it arrives back to our facility and the refund for the core deposit will be issued.

Part Numbers: 37820PAAL70 37820PAAL71 37820PAAL72 37820PABL00 37820PABL50 37820PAAL00 37820PAAL10 37820PAAL11 37820PAA408 37820PAAL50 37820PAAL60 37820PAAL61 37820PAA407 37820P8CL51 37820P8CL52 37820PABA00 37820PABA50 37820P8C305 37820P8CA51 37820P8CA52 37820P8CA53 37820P8CA54 37820P8CA55 37820P8CA56 37820P8CA71 37820P8CA72 37820PAAL73 37820PAA305 37820PAAL72 37820P8CL51 37820P8CL52 37820PAAA51 37820PAAA52 37820PAAA53 37820PAA306 37820PAAA54 37820P8CA71 37820P8CA72 37820PAAA01 37820PAAA02 37820PAAA03 37820PAAA04 37820PAAL20 37820PAAL21 37820PAAL22 37820PAA307 37820PAAL23 37820PAAL74 37820PAAL75 37820PAAL76 37820PAAL80 37820PAAL77 37820PAA316 37820PABA51 37820PABA52 37820PABA53 37820PABA54 37820PABA01 37820PABA02 37820PABA03 37820PABA04 37820P8CA61 37820P8CA62